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- Основная информация:-Год выпуска: 2016
Жанр: Симулятор, гонки, инди
Разработчик: Amistech Games
Издатель: Amistech Games
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучки: Финский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: 8.11.2016-Системные требования:-МИНИМАЛЬНЫЕ:
Операционная система: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Процессор: 3 GHZ
Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Nvidia GTX 650 TI или AMD equivalent
DirectX: 9.0
Место на диске: 1 GB-Описание:-В игре My Summer Car, сюжетная линия которой предполагает ремонт старых и побитых авто. Игроку предстоит дать автомобилю вторую жизнь в виртуальном мире далекой финской деревни времен 90-х годов прошлого столетия. Естественно испытывать реконструированный автомобиль придется на кривых и ухабистых проселочных дорогах. Мало того, ремонтировать придется почти подручными средствами, потому что необходимые запчасти доставляет почта, а почтовые доставки, сами знаете, не такие быстрые, как хотелось бы.
Раздача обновлена до версии 8.11.2016

Порядок установки

1) Распаковать архив в удобное для вас место
2) Запустить игру через Launcher.exe

Список изменений


-Possible fix for phantom hit-and-run death
-Towing rope cannot be attached to same car
-Dead player spawns now back at home
-Added 'Mortal' text to player HUD to indicate whether permadeath is ON (to debug if there is issue in the main menu selection)
-Removed underlying save encryption to possibly help save/load issues (I suggest to backup saves just in case)
-Added running, default button is 'Left Shift'
-Truck crap hose will detach itself if too much force is applied, should help truck NOT to launch into stratosphere
-Changed Repair Shop order duration to time instead of date to avoid bug that caused way too long delivery times
-Fixed issue with front wheel brake nuts not saving their state correctly
-Fixed issue with clutch assembly where 'clutch cover plate' became stuck on to 'flywheel'
-Fixed spark plug assembly issue, check your spark plugs just in case
-Made truck stop moving when player moves in the cockpit
-Dart gets now removed from the map after job is done
-Another fix for pouring fluids, should work correctly now
-Increased efficiency of mosquito spray


-Added re-spawner for vehicles, if they drop out of the map they should spawn at their original starting locations
-Made double check to reset spark plugs if they still get stuck
-Increased strength of the crap hose
-Fixed issue with stolen fuel getting saved too early
-Made brute force parking brake to the truck, it won't slide anymore when parking brake is applied
-Some player character stats are now reset after death
-Changed Satsuma gear shift audio from 2D to 3D
-Made flies appear little later at the dirtiness scale
-Swimming also reduces dirtiness now
-Starter help added to Van, Tractor and Truck for players who use Auto Clutch
-Fixed gears being shifted while not in Driving Mode
-Adjusted Tractor parking brake


-Fixed some colliders at landfill site and home
-Fixed Racing Radiator which floats after removal
-Fixed adjustment issue with valves, where valve states were not correctly reset
-Fixes in firewood chopping exploit
-Made gesture animations independent from FOV setting
-Fixed issue with installation of dashboard covers
-Possible fix for Windshield shattering after Windshield repair at the car repair shop
-Added optional gear indicator showing current gear selected
-Made door usage easier for Truck, Van, Tractor and Muscle car
-Added hitchhike opportunity with the small green car
-Previously purchased parts cannot be re-ordered from the Parts Catalog
-Price of postal order is now calculated from parts *actually* delivered
-Changed mechanism how sewage well death is triggered
-Fixed issue with how car body parts paint types were saved
-Fixed issue where Police did not give ticket for speeding in some situations
-Fixed fueling-saving-loading exploit
-Fixed bootlid issue
-Fixed erroneous Hood bolts, check your hood it is probably detached now!
-Fixed issue of bolts becoming unscrewed after having a damage and then quitting without saving
-Increased tire grip for Truck
-Added "night-TV", which being watched increases fatigue
-Added Amistech Games splash screen


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