Ace Utilities 6.1.0 Build 284 x86/x64 [2016, ENG]

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Ace Utilities 6.1.0 Build 284
Год: 2016
Версия: 6.1.0 Build 284
Разработчик: Acelogix
Сайт разработчика:
Разрядность: x86/x64
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Совместимость с Windows 7/8/10: полная
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Системные требования:
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP 32/64 bit
* Windows Vista 32/64 bit
* Windows 7 32/64 bit
* Windows 8 32/64 bit
Ace Utilities - представляет собой набор утилит, предназначенных для настройки операционной системы Windows. В состав программы входит 15 утилит для поддержания операционной системы вашего компьютера в "отличной форме". Программа позволяет отобразить полный список загружаемых компонентов, может чистить реестр и удалять ненужные файлы с дисков, имеется возможность поиска дубликатов файлов, удаления логов и мертвых ссылок. Использование Ace Utilities позволят достичь максимального быстродействия компьютера и его безошибочной работы.

Дополнительная информация: (на англ.)

Remove Junk Files:
Junk files are created by almost all of the Windows applications you use. In an ideal case, such files are deleted by the program that created them in the first place. But, the converse is what happens often. These files can have a temporary existence where the parent program, which created the file, would delete them upon exiting, or a permanent existence due to unexpected termination of the parent program, an error in the program, a system crash, etc.
The point to be noted here is that such files left behind will reside in your hard disk and accumulate over time unless you manually find and remove them. Some of the results of having a substantial amount of such junk files are dramatic reduction in system performance, consumption of hard disk space (sometimes up to hundreds of megabytes), system crashes etc.
"Remove Junk Files" tool can spot out these miscreant files and help you get rid of them very fast and effectively.
Regain disk space.
Applications load and run fast when more disk space is available.
Windows will boot faster.
Windows Explorer's performance will get better.
File search speeds increase.
This utility helps you clean unwanted temporary and obsolete files from your disks and regains disk space. You will be left with a cleaner drive.
Safe: Disk Cleaner uses a built-in 'ignore list', and will exclude many important files from being deleted. You can also add your own file types to the ignore list easily, and they will be excluded from the cleaning process.
The reason why each file is not needed will be shown by the cleaner unlike other disk cleaners that blindly clean files.
From the list of files, advanced users can open/explore any file and confirm whether the file is a junk one or not.
Optionally cleans 'zero length' files, temporary internet files, etc.
Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.
Can use wild cards.
Option to delete files to the recycle bin, permanently delete or backup to a folder of your choice.
Fast - don't waste too much time; powerful - can be customized to find your own junk file types.
Clean system Registry:
The Registry, the central hierarchical database used in the Microsoft Windows, is used to store information necessary to configure the PC for one or more users, applications and hardware devices.
The Registry contains information that Windows continually references during operations such as setting profiles for each user, details about the applications installed on your computer and the types of documents that an application can create, what all hardware exists in the system, the ports that are being used, etc.
Over time, Windows Registry begins to bloat with data that are invalid and obsolete. Such invalid data eventually accumulate in the Registry slowing down the Windows, whereby compromising PC performance and causing other problems.
Windows boots up quickly.
Applications load and run faster.
Have a cleaner Windows system.
Minimize application crash.
The fastest, safest and best tool in it class to clean and fix registry errors, and finds more errors than almost all the other registry cleaners.
Safe: Built-in 'ignore list' to protect many important registry entries. Expert users can add their own entries to the ignore list so that those entries will be exempted from being scanned in the future.
Thoroughly scans and cleans all parts of the registry.
Allows you to 'undo' a cleaning operation at a later time, if you want.
Expert / normal mode of registry cleaning.
Shows you the reason why each entry detected is invalid unlike other registry cleaning software.
Intelligent: Auto decides whether to delete either the entire registry sub-key or just the entry.
Expert users can view the registry entries ignored in Windows Registry editor (Regedit), and delete them if needed.
Scan and clean invalid ActiveX/COM entries, application paths, add-remove software, start menu order, shared dll section, font section, help section, IE context menu, IE toolbar, file extensions, browser helper objects (BHO), obsolete software and more from the registry.
Intelligent: Certain keys that are absolutely invalid are not allowed to be added accidentally to the exclude list.
Find Duplicate Files:
Duplicate files can appear on your system for a number of reasons, and can have a number of detrimental results aside from wasting hard drive space. Various applications may install the same files at different locations on your system, or you may copy or download the same files into different folders on your system without knowing it. Sometimes the only result of this is wasted hard drive space, but many times different copies of the same vital system file can cause havoc.
"Find Duplicate Files" tool can easily find and remove duplicates of the same file.
Find true duplicate files in your disks and regain disk space by removing them.
Avoid problems due to duplicate files.
Safe: Uses a built-in 'ignore list', and will exclude many important files from being scanned. You can also add your own files to the 'ignore list' easily, and they will not be found again. This prevents important files like DLLs, windows system files from being listed as duplicate and getting deleted accidentally.
Find duplicate files based on criteria : filename, size, contents, etc.
Can find either specific types of duplicates like *.mp3, *.mpeg, etc (can be customized), or all types of files.
Fastest among such duplicate file finding tools, user friendly and easy to configure.
Can optionally ignore files below certain size to find space-consuming larger files.
Can find duplicate files across different drives.
Can find duplicates from a selected set of folders (i.e., not from a whole drive).
Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether.
Can use wild cards.
Can find true duplicate files: files which are truly identical.
Auto-Start Manager:
Most Windows users are used to the fact that after installing a large number of software applications, their computer usually slows down considerably. One of the main reasons for this problem is that many applications install background processes that are automatically started when you start your computer. Those background processes increase the boot time and consume valuable resources. Some of the background processes may show up in your 'system tray' as small icons, while others are completely invisible. Not all background processes are bad, of course. Some, like anti-virus programs and system utilities, are needed to keep your system running smoothly, but many of the background processes are often not necessary at all and only make your system run slower.
"Auto-Start Manager" allows you to manage all such applications which start automatically. This tool can organize programs that run automatically using the Registry, the 'Startup' folder in the Start menu and the 'Win.ini' file.
Security: Prevent spyware / trojan / virus and other malicious programs from running.
Windows loads significantly faster.
When the number of startup programs are controlled, other programs get more system resources and hence their performance will increase
AutoStart Manager can be used to manage the programs, services, processes, etc that start automatically when Windows boots.
You can either disable or enable programs that run at windows startup.
Helps you remove unwanted programs permanently.
Scans the system registry, startup folder and win.ini sections.
Allows you to add a new program to start automatically or edit an existing program's properties.
Get detailed information of the programs in the startup list.
Warns you when previously disabled programs get enabled again.
Verify that spyware/trojan/virus and other malicious programs are not in the list. We can also help you optimize the list if you can send the report of the programs to us (for registered users only). We will provide our opinion.
Erase Your History:
Your Windows operating system keeps tracks of many things that you do with your computer, like the websites you visit using Internet browsers , the pictures you view using image viewers, the movies you watch using Media player etc. Likewise, many of the third-party applications that you use keep a list of the 'most recently used' files.
Owing to the fact that such information is stored at different places by different programs, it is impossible, or rather tedious and time-consuming, to maintain your privacy by manually searching for such entries and eliminating them.
"Erase History" tool makes the job much easier by taking care of everything at the click of a button: freeing up wasted hard-drive space and getting rid of your past activity records from the PC.
Maintain privacy. Clear your PC usage history without letting any one else discover it.
Regain disk space.
Internet usage history can be cleaned; ideal when multiple users use the same computer. Clean the list of sites visited, files downloaded, etc.
Speed up computer, Internet Explorer, etc.
Erase encrypted and hidden cache (temporary internet files).
Clean history and typed address-bar URLs of popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, etc.
Erase auto-complete data of Internet explorer form-fields.
Delete cookies selectively. Important cookies can be excluded.
Delete index.dat files which are locked by windows. These files are very difficult to be deleted manually.
Clear history of over 200 third party applications like Media Player, Opera, WinZip, MS Office, AOL, Messengers, Netscape, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc using plug-ins. The recent document/usage history stored within these applications are cleaned.
Erase Outlook Express's deleted emails that never get deleted promptly.
Erase start menu history which is encrypted and hidden by windows.
All Recent Document history of Windows from start menu, open/save dialog boxes, disk, Start menu find history, run history, etc..
And much more.
Fix Invalid Shortcuts:
Shortcuts are links to files stored in different folders and drives on your PC. The Windows Start Menu is made of shortcuts pointing to various files elsewhere on your hard drive. These shortcuts, when run, opens its corresponding application or document. Many a time, the 'targets' of these shortcuts are moved or deleted, leaving the shortcut pointing to a file or location that no longer exists. Such 'dead' shortcuts clutter your Start Menu and Desktop.
"Fix Invalid Shortcuts" tool provides you with an easy and convenient way to address these invalid shortcuts. It scans your system, finds all the invalid shortcuts and reports back to you so that you can remove it from your system.
Securely Delete Files:
The standard Windows Recycle Bin allows you to delete files and folders, presumably removing them from prying eyes. However, unbeknownst to most of us, there are many ways to retrieve and view files and folders which have been removed in this manner – even months after they have been deleted. The reason items can be so easily retrieved intact even long after being supposedly deleted is because Windows does not actually erase the physical data on your drive that makes up the item: it only marks the very first byte of it as 'available space' so that the operating system can use it if necessary. With simple, and in most cases free, software anyone can view a list of all of the files, folders, pictures, and documents you have attempted to delete recently, as well as easily restore and view them. This is where "Securely Delete Files" tool come in handy.
Uninstall Manager:
You just can't trust those installation programs. Sure, they'll copy a new application's essential files to the hard disk, but they'll also add files to existing directories, modify the Registry, and generally litter the disk. Uninstall Manager lets you safely remove all unwanted files and return your system to its original state. This utility can be used to uninstall applications easily and quickly than the 'add/remove' control panel applet. This tool lists entries usually with reference to a physical uninstallation file located somewhere on your system.
Sometimes, by either manually deleting applications or from untidy uninstallation, the file that these entries refer may no longer exist and this results in an error when the corresponding entry is tried to uninstall. It is impossible to remove these orphaned entries manually. Using this tool, you can easily remove these invalid entries.
Find Empty Folders:
"Find Empty Folders" tool can be used to find the empty folders in your hard drive.
Disk Analysis:
"Disk Analysis" tool shows the disk usage of your drives. Use it when your hard disk is almost full, and you don't know where the big files are residing, what all files occupy how much space, etc. They may well be hidden in sub-sub-directories.
Scheduled System Maintenance:
"Scheduled System Maintenance" tool can be used to schedule a cleaning operation with the help of Windows 'Task Scheduler'.
Wipe Deleted File Data:
Many computer users are unaware that deleted files can be recovered or undeleted and can yield information which can be used against the person who deleted them. This information can be as common as a deleted email message or as important as sensitive business records. Most people assume that if a file doesn't show up in a folder, it's gone forever. Few people know that deleted files are not erased; the data is just hidden, and the files can be undeleted.
Wiping a disk's free space ensures any such data currently stored will be destroyed. Save all documents and close all running programs that may write to the disk, before using this tool.
Maintenance Wizard:
"Maintenance Wizard" is a tool that conveniently consolidates several of Ace Utilities' features into one collective interface for quick access and operation. Quick-Cleanup will allow you to easily run a variety of system maintenance procedures on your PC in just a few easy steps.

Изменения в этой версии: (на англ.)

'+' новая функция, '!' баг фикс , '-' функция убрана
Changes in v6.1.0 - Jan 11, 2016
Improved the 'Clean System Registry' tool. It now finds more invalids in the 'Thorough' mode.
GUI changes to account for HiDPI displays.
Fixed an issue while refreshing the 'Uninstall Manager' tool.
Minor GUI changes throughout; changed some animations.
Added 'scanning progress' to the 'Auto Start Manager' tool. Added a 'Stop' button to stop/cancel the scan.
Fixed a bug in the 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool related to multiple user accounts.
Added progress of shortcuts scanned in the 'Fix Invalid Shortcuts' tool.
'Maintenance wizard' now has an automatic start setting (Options > Automate)
Fixed a bug in the 'Find Duplicate Files' tool 'Search Options' pane.
Changes in v6.0.0 - Aug 25, 2015
Added Microsoft Edge browser support. Clears Cache, Cookies, Recently Typed URLs, Saved Form Information (while cleaning Internet Explorer).
'Clean System Registry' modified to be compatible with Windows 10.
Option to disable wipe skipping files on SSDs. Wipe files will not delete files on SSDs. Previously it deleted the files without wiping if on SSD.
Improved Firefox Local Storage cleaning, Session cleaning and password cleaning.
Improved Chrome Session cleaning and cache cleaning.
Improved Opera Cookie cleaning and Session cleaning.
Added and updated several plug-ins.
Fixed issues in Auto Start Manager related to checking invalid entries in Windows 10.
Fixed Auto Start Manager UI freeze on Windows 10 when selecting 'All'.
Fixed startup speed in Disk Analysis tool on some systems without a physical floppy drive, but that is still enabled in the BIOS.
Removed some themes previously provided for Ace Utilities UI.
Modified the Ace Utilities installer.
Modified the 'Registry Compactor' tool for Windows 10.
Added options in the installer to enable/disable some entries for Ace Utilities in the Windows Explorer context menu.
Added context menu option to open the folder of an item in 'Clean System Registry' tool.
'Registry Backup' (RegBak) is now compatible with Windows 10. Added option to backup the 'DRIVERS' hive.
Added 'Cancel' button in the 'Disk Analysis' scan progress window.
Fixed a crash in the 'Remove Junk Files' tool when the user stops scanning and closes the window.
The 'Remove Junk Files' tool will now show files only at the end of the scan. This results in a slight gain in speed and less chance for a user interface-freeze.
Added 'Mark one from each group' context menu for the 'Find duplicate folders' scan if the 'Include subfolders' option is also selected (on user request).
Added some High DPI themes for systems with font size set to more than 150 dpi.
Added a new progress bar style.


1. Устанавливаем программу (aceutils.exe)
2. После установки открываем файл "keygen.exe" и вводим данные в регистрационную форму программы.


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