Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Digital Deluxe Edition [L] [ENG | ENG / GER] (1.100.5 + 1 DLC) (2017) [GOG]

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-Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Digital Deluxe Edition + Deadly Dozen DLC- ИНФОРМАЦИЯ:-Год выпуска: 2017
Жанр: Role-playing - Simulation - Sci-fi
Разработчик: Little Green Men Games
Издатель: Iceberg Interactive
Платформа: PC
Версия: v1.100.5_(12928)
Тип издания: Лицензия (GOG)
Язык интерфейса: English / Deutsch
Язык озвучки: English
Таблeтка: Не требуется (DRM Free отСИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ:-Processor: Intel Core 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 nVidia GeForce GTX 470 / 560, 1280MB or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Hard drive space: 15 GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Mouse, Keyboard
-ОПИСАНИЕ:-«Starpoint Gemini: Warlords» – уникальная игра, сочетающая в себе жанры космического симулятора, RPG и глобальной стратегии.
Управляйте своим кораблем, посылайте армады огромных космических кораблей на вражескую территорию, командуйте своими героическими соратниками. Развивайте базу, ведите торговлю, добывайте ресурсы, собирайте трофеи – и покажите всей галактике, что вы опасный противник! Солнечная система погибает. Флот беженцев на спешно построенных, ненадежных кораблях устремился к созвездию Близнецов… Планета Фенерос, расположенная на дальней окраине этой звездной системы, опустела задолго до того, как Близнецы обрели независимость. Именно здесь земляне надеются обрести новый дом. Приготовьтесь, капитан. Вы нужны человечеству!


? Original soundtrack - The complete original soundtrack from the game, composed and created by the
very talented Nikola Nikita Jeremic (mp3 format)
? Digital Collector's Artbook - check out the breathtaking artwork and renders from
? Starpoint Gemini Warlords combined into a whopping 150-page digital artbook
? Stream overlays (layered PSD format, HD resolution, 1920x1080px)
? Gemini Starchart digital poster, print quality (.jpg, 11575x8031px, 300 dpi)
? 10 special wallpapers:
? 1 triple-screen wallpaper (5760x1080px)
? 3 dual-screen wallpapers (3840x1080px)
? 3 4K wallpapers (3840x2160px)
? 3 HD wallpapers (1920x1080px)
*The Artbook is only available in English!
? Massive game world, populated by over 60 diverse factions, ready to face your war fleets.
? Campaign mode – Play through the story of the “exiles”, who settled on the barren planet of Phaeneros
on the outskirts of Gemini, after escaping the alien invasion of the Sol system.
? Five free roam scenarios with distinct start setup.
? Choose among nearly 90 different ships, from gunships and corvettes to bulky carriers.
? Build your own personal headquarters to boost your economic and military power.
? Procedurally generated freelance jobs offer a great way to earn Credits that you can use to pump
upgrades into your ship.
? Procedurally generated encounters can creep up on you when you least expect them.
? Choose one of three unique character classes or whip up a hybrid class of your own.
? Conduct research on a multitude of different tech that affects everything from your own ship to the
global scheme of things.
? Construct ships, assemble war fleets and send them in all directions to conquer for the glory of the
Solari Concord.
? Build and upgrade infrastructure across the star system to improve resource gathering and strengthen
your dominion.
? Engage in diplomatic relations and sign trade deals to get that boost you need.
? Mod support that greatly surpasses that of its predecessor, Starpoint Gemini 2

Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Deadly Dozen

As the dust of recent conflicts settled, so came to light the emergence of a new global threat: The Deadly Dozen.
They are a roaming gang of once-solitary criminals that have banded together under a mysterious leader to capitalize on current global turmoil. The Deadly Dozen have pitted themselves against all other factions and quickly rose to prominence with acts of extreme violence and abolition of local laws.
They are well-hidden, well-trained and scattered among Gemini in localized terror cells.
Even though the call for someone’s life or capture is a barbaric method of governance, desperate times call for desperate measures, so the factions in turn sent out a call:
"Bounties have been placed for the capture or demise of the twelve leading members of The Deadly Dozen and all captains are welcome to end their oppression."
Hunt down 12 new Bounties
Capture and fly 3 new unique ships
Acquire a new Warmaster or build new, devastating Carriers for your warfleets.

Порядок установки

1. Установить игру, задав параметры.
2. Установить дополнение, играть.


Update 1.1000
Greetings captains of Gemini!
No slowing down in the LGM HQ. It's time for another update. The highlight of this update, along with the usual tweaks and fixes, is the Bounties system. In preparation of the first DLC "Deadly Dozen" coming today as well (watch out for another announcement later today!), the update implements the Bounties system into the game. Check out the Bounties in the Personal Log screen and hunt those buggers down! Just make sure to bring some friends along...
Check out the details in the change-log and expect more content coming in future updates!
Safe travels captains!
Added the Bounties system
The Personal Logs has a new tab called "Bounties" where you can read more about each target.
The key is to see in which region a bounty target is active.
Get in that region and look for the bounty's lackeys. They belong to a special faction called "Liberated".
Beating the lackeys into a pulp will reveal the hiding location of their "boss".
Kick the boss in the proverbial behind and claim the reward.
Added full support for additional downloadable content (the technical bits work similar to mods).
Added the DLC section to the game launcher.
Added a couple of new player portraits (both male and female).
Carriers buffed to make them more usable.
Fixed an error related to fighter wings not being properly read from ship template files.
Your fleet will no longer jump in to help you out while you're fighting in the Gladiatrix arenas.
Long news titles (two lines) are now properly centered on their corresponding list items.
Fixed a couple of faulty enhancement bonuses that reduced instead of increased some light weapon stats.
Fixed an error that would manifest on the Skills/Perks panel when using gamepads.
Pressing the Esc button on the Customization screen now asks whether to save the changes or not (if any change was made).
In some cases, the game could get confused and switch to the Drydock panel from the System / Equipment trader. This no longer happens.
Damage to Veteran bonus is now named Damage to Warmasters.
Fixed an error that would make the game launcher log grow in size indefinitely. It didn't get properly purged of data.
Opening the Personal log screen automatically switches to the Bounties tab.
In some cases, news text was cut off. This no longer happens.
Several changes done to better support Xbox 360 controller
Added an alternative camera movement mode
Switch to the mode via the checkbox in the Tools panel.
Rotate the camera around the focus with the middle mouse button.
Move the camera using W-S-A-D or the arrow keys.
Move the up/down using R/F or PageUp/PageDown.
Roll the camera using Q/E.
To speed up movement, press and hold the Shift key.
To slow down movement, press and hold the Tab key.
When clicking on the Editor screen while a dropdown menu is open, the dropdown will automatically close.
Drag and drop a texture file into the Editor screen to reload it in memory. Makes iterations quicker.
Removed a number of redundant options. They weren't real options, just dead pixels.
Updated the Tutorials link.
Repositioning particles, turrets and meshes no longer repositions the main light source.
Deleting an assembly object now works as intended and will no longer cause the Editor to crash somewhere down the line.
Fixed a couple of minor errors related to the Ship turret parameters panel.
UPDATE v1.050
Greetings captains,
We've mentioned that this update is coming the last time around. The update, along with the standard fixes and tweaks also improves the game's modding capabilities. You'll notice some improvements to the Material Editor.
One other thing that you'll be able to notice is a new Incompatible.txt file in the Mods folder of the game. Whatever mod is noted in this file will be ignored by the game even if it is set to active. There were a number of mod-related issues reported and although we can, and in some cases do, flag a mod as incompatible on the Steam Workshop, this doesn't cover everything. We will regularly update this file to add or remove mods as necessary. The goal is to ensure maximum stability of the game. If you're a mod author and your mod is affected by this, please contact us on and we can continue from there.
Further improvements to the modding tools are being worked on as well, but I'll have more on that later.
Safe travels captains!
While a T-Gate repair civilian task is being conducted, you're no longer presented with a weird out-of-place text saying Insufficient resources.
Changed bonus descriptions for Industrial stations.
Changed the bonus description of Edea Facility.
Added a Fighter wing indicator on the right of the screen.
A small icon appears to the right while fighters are on a mission
Fighter status is also represented by this icon(s).
Fixed an error that would make it impossible to initiate a T-Gate repair task in some cases.
Fixed a couple of minor errors related to landmark structure hints and descriptions.
After loading a game, your waypoint will be properly marked in the viewport.
Improved the info you get when scanning a ship (more info is displayed).
It is no longer possible to use the Starchart via shortcuts while a dialogue panel is open.
Changed storyline level requirements.
Fixed a number of typos in the English text files. Another thanks goes to Misunderstood Wookie!
When editing a text (naming your captain for example), press + hold of the backspace now works as it does in any other Windows program.
Done a number of tweaks and improvements on various game panels.
Systems and Equipment tabs are moved from the Drydock to the Trader window.
Added a number of hints on various panels.
Errors are now displayed in the main editor viewport. At the bottom.
Turrets show is now set to true by default when accessing the Ship editor.
When opening a ship file, you're no longer presented with the Exemplar turret setup by default.
Fixed a number of input related errors that manifested in the editor remembering keys that were pressed before a control was in focus.
Added buttons to make it easier to add and/or remove elements from various editor lists (turrets, particles, meshes...)
Tweaked light movement so it is linked to camera distance to object in the editor. Just a tiny quality of life improvement.
Editor input now accepts numpad keys.
The Editor no longer accepts mouse / keyboard input while it is not in focus.
Newly added beams and particles are initiated with some base parameters so they're easily visible from the get-go.
Fixed an error related to Particle force. When there were more than one, changing one Particle force no longer affects the other(s).
When switching back from the Model properties window to the Assembly window, the mesh you've edited is automatically selected.
Added a small hint window to display basic Editor controls.
Did a few visual tweaks to make parameters more readable.
Double-clicking on an element in the Assembly list now automatically opens up the correct panel (Model Properties for meshes, Particle parameters for particles...)
CHANGE-LOG v1.040.1
Time for another update. We've continued doing fixes and tweaks, but we're also ramping up for our next update, planned for Friday which is aimed at improving modding support in general.
I won't choke you to death with pointless rambling, so here's the change-log.
Fixed an issue where several ships would be colorized wrongly and they would follow you around.
Ben'Sara is now level 8 on mission 04, instead of 12.
After scanning a wormhole, a nice little message will appear to let you know what you've done.
Planetary assault tweaked.
Difficulty now works as intended.
Planetary assaults on Extreme difficulty are now much harder.
Added info on what an AI ship is doing on the target lock.
Ship familiarity prerequisite ranks are now leveled with the Ship class requirements.
Added hints to the Quick info panel.
Added ship name to the Quick info panel.
Added the Marked icon on the target lock.
Shuffled several Ship panels around and grouped them together
The new Inventory button now groups Ship systems, Items and Commodities "sub-panels".
Fixed a couple of minor glitches related to the structure tier markers on the Starchart.
The Cloak skill now displays the damage parameter.
Maneuverability-related bonuses now work as intended.
Fixed several instances where the wrong portrait and name was being displayed instead of the player's.
Added several distinct HUD icons for battles depending on what type of battle it is (fleet, garrison, station, planetary assault).
Fixed a couple of glitches related to objects being marked in the viewport, but not on the radar.
You should no longer be able to hear a looping voice line in the Timed delivery freelance job.
Fixed an error where retreating a fleet from a battle worked wonky. Basically a fleet wanted to retreat to the nearest guardpost... even if it was the guardpost currently under attack.
Tweaked the Equipment panel to make it more readable and user-friendly.
Tweaked a bunch of different game panels (alignment, colorizing...).
Fixed an error related to scuttling a fleet and pressing the Esc button that would manifest as a weird overlay across the screen.
Fixed a couple of glitches related to the Distress call encounter quest that could go all nuts if you started boarding encounter ships.
Fixed a number of smaller glitches and script errors
Done some changes to the text files and how some text lines are fetched
faction descriptions switched from descriptions.txt to logs.txt to remove duplicates
ship descriptions switched from descriptions.txt to logs.txt to remove duplicates
ship description KN is now referenced in the .shp file (until now the description was referenced automatically by the ship's keyname)
if no ship description is available (description set to the default 1005 value, default text is shown (No data available)
Done some changes to the Geminipedia scripts
to display a Geminipedia entry for a ship, the ship has to be manually added to the AddEntry script. This is to prevent errors from being logged needlessly.
to display an Anomaly entry, the anomaly has to be manually added to the AddEntryscript.
to display an Asteroid field entry, the asteroid field has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
to display a faction entry, the faction has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
to display a planet entry, the planet has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
to display a region entry, the region has to be manually added to the AddEntry script.
Optimized script loading to increase performance, but also prevent potential bugs.
Added a new option in the settings
Skip dock - set to true to never ever again see a docking or landing cutscene.
Fixed a glitch where the wrong reason for being unable to board structures was being displayed.
The final waypoint in a waypoint chain (starchart) is now properly updated if the target changes its position (merging with a fleet in motion)
Fixed a text formatting error that would add a colon where it shouldn't (-,400).
Fixed several errors in the Customization panel when using the controller.
If you have the UI disabled (F11), the game can no longer freeze up when a dialogue pops up. The interface is automatically reinitialized.
Being hit with a heavy weapon no longer deactivates cloak.
You're no longer stalked by an anomaly while docked if there was an anomaly near you when you initiated docking.
New game files from mods are now properly loaded and shown.
The loot panel now uses the proper icon size.
Adhara, Apollo and Poseidon are now available for purchase on the New Sagittarius station, near planet Hogosha.
Fixed a glitch with several menu bottons having their icons colorized with the wrong tint.
Fixed an error that would make the Proxima fall into enemy hands.
Giving the GoTo command on the un-paused Starchart, in some instances meant the auto-pilot won't properly set power distribution to the engines. Now it does.
Rebuilding warmasters no longer costs Materials, but the Credits cost was increased!
Proxima is now calculated into the battle power only after it arrives.
In some cases, trading in a captured ship for materials, yielded no materials. This can no longer happen.
The Convoy defense mission can no longer break down if the last ship is captured.
Added fullscreen support for the custom movie panel on 4K resolution.
In theory, your ship's name could be too long. This is no limited during naming.
Corrected a number of text errors in both the English and the German versions.


Торрент перезалит 26.06.2017, обновлено до 1.100.5
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