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VA - The Best Of Eurodance 90 (3 CD) (2011)- Жанр: EurodanceГод выпуска: 2011Производитель диска: Авто))РадиоАудио кодек: MP3Тип рипа:tracksБитрейт аудио: 320 kbpsПродолжительность: 15:11:23

Трэклист: CD 1

1.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand (Radio Version)
2.2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend (7' edit)
3.CO.RO feat. Taleesa - 4 Your Love
4.E-Type - This Is The Way
5.Masterboy - Is This The Love (Radio Edit)
6.U96 - Night in motion
7.Cappella - U & Me (Short Sharp Edit)
8.Heart Attack - Move Me Stranger
9.Afrika Bambaataa pres. Khayan - Feel The Vibe (Radio Vibe Mix)
10.Westbam - Wizards Of The Sonic Part 1 (Original Mix)
11.Co.Ro - 4 your Love
12.Maxx - No More (I Can't Stand It) (Air play mix)
13.Pandora - Trust Me (Club Extended)
14.Sin With Sebastian - Golden Boy
15.Amadin - U Make Me Feel Alright (radio)
16.Ice MC - Think About The Way (Radio Mix)
17.740 Boyz feat. 2 In a Room - Shimmy Shake (Radio Edit)
18.2 Fabiola - Lift It Up (Emotional Mix)
19.Intermission feat. Lori Glori - Six Days
20.Yaki-Da - I Saw You Dancing (Radio version)
21.**** Kings – Amour (C'mon) (Davy T's Original 12' Mix)
22.East 17 - House of Love
23.2 Unlimited - Faces (Radio Edit)
24.Odyssey - Riding On A Train (Radio Edit)
25.Garfield - Cool Cat (Radio Mix)
26.Blumchen - Herz an Herz (Herz in der Luft Radio Mix)
27.Samira - When I Look Into Your Eyes (Radio Mix)
28.Mark 'OH - Tears Don't Lie (12'' Mix)
29.B.G. The Prince Of Rap - The Colour Of My Dreams
30.Look Twice - Move That Body
31.Dune - Can't stop raving (Video Mix)
32.U96 - Love religion
33.Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night (Radio Edit)
34.Alexia - Me And You (radio version)
35.Fun Factory - Pain (Feel The Pain Mix)
36.Solid Base - Mirror Mirror
37.Mo-Do - Super Gut (Super Gut Mix)
38.Magic Affair - Give Me All Your Love (Single Cut)
39.E-Type - Angels Crying
40.Sequential One - My Love Is Hot (Original Version)
41.Imperio - Quo Vadis (Video Mix)
42.Cabballero - Hymn (Radio Remix)
43.Twenty 4 Seven - Is It Love (Single Mix)
44.Academia - Dance to the music (Radio Mix)
45.Sqeezer - Sweet Kisses
46.CB Milton - It's A Loving Thing
47.Doop - Doop
48.Herbie - Right type of mood
49.DR.Alban - It's My Life
50.Culture Beat - Mr. Vain (Special Radio Edit)
51.RMB - Spring (Video Mix)
52.Edelweiss - Planet Edelweiss (Single Version)
53.Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night (Duet with ICE MC)
54.Melodie MC - Feel Your Body Movin' (Euro Remix)
55.Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (Flamman & Abraxas Radio Mix)
56.Das Modul - Kleine Maus (Extended Version)
57.Mr.Duck (Donald Will Tanzen Mix) (Radio Edit)
58.Basic Element - The Ride (radio edit)
59.Rednex - Wish you were here
60.Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me
61.La Bouche - Sweet Dreams (Club Mix)
62.Captain Hollywood Project - Find another Way (Single Mix)
63.Rednex - Cotton-Eye Joe
64.Flexx - Flexxible
65.Cool James And Black Teacher - Godfather
66.Masterjam - I Wanna Know (Club Mix)
67.Leila K - Open Sesame (Radio Edit)
68.General Base - Poison (ATB remix)
69.Face II Face - I Want You (Radio Mix)
70.K. Da 'Cruz - Take Me To The Stars (Give Me Your Love) (Raido Edit)
71.K2 - Der Berg Ruft (Radio-Cut)

Трэклист: CD 2

1.Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You (video mix)
2.E-Type - Set The World On Fire
3.Fun Factory - Take Your Chance (Take The Airwaves Mix)
4.Masterboy - Everybody Needs Somebody (Up & Down Mix)
5.Dancefloor Syndroma feat. Juicy - Can't you see (Club Mix)
6.Pin-occhio - Pin-occhio (Legno Mix)
7.U96 - Das boot
8.AB Logic - The Real World (Original Mix)
9.Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)
10.The Grid - Swamp Thing (Radio Mix)
11.3-O-Matic - Success (Radio Mix - Video Version)
12.Go! - Let's All Chant (club chant)
13.Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Short Remix)
14.Activate! - Save Me (A-Team Mix)
15.Le Click - Tonight is the night
16.Corona - I Don't Wanna Be A Star
17.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Never alone
18.Ice MC - Take Away The Colour
19.Solid Base - This Is How We Do It
20.Captain Hollywood Project - More And More (underground mix)
21.Basic Element - The Promise Man
22.2 Unlimited - No Limit (Extended Mix)
23.2 Raff - Don't Stop The Music (Lingo 12' Mix)
24.M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Run Away
25.Shamen - Phorever People
26.Cabballero - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
27.Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei (Gendarmerie Mix)
28.Usura - Open Your Mind (Classic Mix)
29.Odyssey - Talk To Me (Radio Mix)
30.Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music (Ferry & Garnefsk
31.General Base - Base Of Love
32.Rednex - Old pop in an oak
33.Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up (Guitana Mix)
34.E-Type - Will I See You Again
35.Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Mix)
36.Object One - Ping Pong (Radio Track)
37.Dune vs. Trubblemaker - Hardcore vibes (Radio Edit)
38.Cool James And Black Teacher - Dr Feelgood
39.Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It
40.DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima (Radio Mix)
41.Scatman - Scatman (SKI-BA-BOP-BA-DOP-BOP)
42.Centory - Take It To The Limit (Extended Club Mix)
43.E-Rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Radio Edit)
44.Me & My - Dub-I-Dub
45.Axel F - Techno Cops
46.Playahitty - Original Radio Mix
47.Star Wash - Disco Fans (Star Wash Mix)
48.Double Vision - Knockin' (Original)
49.Intermission - Piece Of My Heart (Heart Mix)
50.Power Of American Natives (Vocal Mix feat. Linda Rocco)
51.Alexia - Summer Is Crazy (classic euro mix)
52.Rob ' N ' Raz - In Command (Radio Edit)
53.L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
54.Fun Factory - Close to you (Close to Ragga Remix)
55.Mr. President - Up'n Away (Radio Mix)
56.Blumchen - Boomerang
57.Herbie - Pick it up
58.Loft - Love Is Magic (Radio Edit)
59.Culture Beat - Anything (Introless)
60.Magic Affair - Omen III (Single Version)
61.Dj Bobo - Let The Dream Come True (Club Mix)
62.K. Da 'Cruz - New High Energy (Dance Mix)
63.Imperio - Nostra Culpa (Single Mix)
64.First Base - Love Is Paradise (Dance Mix)
65.DR.Alban - No Coke (7'' Mix)
66.East Beat Syndicate - Love Transmission

Трэклист: CD 3

1.2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body (Airplay Edit)
2.Basic Element - This Must Be A Dream (Radio Edit)
3.Captain Hollywood Project - Flying high (Single Mix)
4.E-Type - Russian Lullaby
5.General Base - Poison (Paradise Radio Edit)
6.Imperio - Veni Vidi Vici (Legion Mix)
7.Masterboy - Mister Feeling (Radio Edit)
8.Solid Base - Sha La Long
9.Loft - Hold On (Respect Maximum Mix)
10.Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Radio Edit)
11.Alexia - Number One (Euro Mix)
12.La Bouche - Be My Lover (Club Mix)
13.Rednex - The spirit of the hawk
14.Heart Attack - Get Me Going
15.DR.Alban - Look Who's Talking
16.The Shamen - Phorever People (Beatmaster Heavenly Mix)
17.Imperio - Atlantis (Club Mix)
18.Felix - Don't you want me (Red Jerrys Holiday Mix)
19.AB Logic - AB Logic (Original Version)
20.Da blitz - Stay with me (classic mix)
21.Xzibit - Paparazzi (Club Version (Dirty))
22.Ice MC - It's A Rainy Day
23.Solid Base - Come & Get Me
24.Music Instructor - Hymn (Go Down Mix)
25.Activate - Let The Rhythm Take Control (X-Tended Alert Mix)
26.Fun Factory - Prove Your Love
27.Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
28Captain Hollywood Project - Impossible
29.Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Stay-C And Stella - We Are The World
30.Basic Element - The Fiddle (Radio Edit)
31.2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive) (Radio Version)
32.Doub Divine - Your Loving
33.Taboo - I Dream Of You Tonight (RadioVideo-Dreams)
34.Corona - Baby Baby
35.Melodie MC - Give It Up! (For The Melodie)(Remix By Denniz Pop)
36.Bushman - No 1 Else (X 10 Ded Mix)
37.L.A. Style - Balloony (Radio edit)
38.2 Unlimited - Workaholic (7' Mix)
39.Flexx - Runner up
40.Odyssey - Let Yourself Go! (Radio Mix)
41.2 For Love - Only For Love (Romance Mix)
42.Reel 2 Real - Can You Feel It
43.Centory - Point Of No Return (The 12 Inch)
44.Marusha - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Hooligan Mix)
45.Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)
46.E-Rotic - Fred Come To Bed (Extended Version)
47.U96 - Love sees no colour
48.Dune - Million Miles From Home (Video Mix)
49.Anticappella feat. MC Fixx It - Move Your Body (Radio Mix)
50.Scooter - Hyper Hyper (Original Mix)
51.M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Automatic Lover (Call For Love)
52.Red 5 - I Love You... Stop! (Club Edit)
53.Culture Beat - Anything
54.Maxx - Get Away
55.Dj Alligator feat. DR.Alban - I Like To Move It (Radio Mix)
56.Cappella - 4Move On Baby (Razor Mix)
57.General Base - I See You (Club Tech Version)
58.Pharao - There Is A Star (Radiostar Videomix)
59.Masterboy - Generation Of Love (Radio Edit)
60.Aladino - Stay With Me (Global Mix)
61.Mr. President - 4 On The Floor (Radio edit)
62.Dj Bobo - Take Control
63.Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka - Angel
64.Magic Affair - In The Middle Of The Night (Single Edit)
65.East 17 - It's Alright
66.E-Type - True Believer
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