(Rap) VA - Romantic Collection (Rap Ballads) 2009, MP3 (tracks), 320Kbps

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mario-OS · Post 23-Dec-2009 15:30


Various Artists - Romantic Collection (Rap Ballads)- Жанр: Rap
Год выпуска диска: 2009
Производитель диска: Россия
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 04:57:14


01.BLACK ATTACK - Heartles.mp3
02.DOWN LOW - Jonny b..mp3
03.COOLIO feat L.V. - Ganstas paradise.mp3
04.LL COLL J. - Dear malika.mp3
05.NANA - Lonely.mp3
06.HOODYS - Trapped.mp3
07.IN VOGUE - Sad but true.mp3
08.LAMAR - Lonely sherherd.mp3
09.MARY J.BLIGE - Family affair.mp3
10.PAPPERS AGAINST - Only you.mp3
11.PUFF DADDY - Seniorita.mp3
12.SWEETBOX - Everything gonna be alright.mp3
13.R.N.G. - Open up your mind.mp3
14.A.K.S.W.I.F.T. - In the game.mp3
15.PAPA BEAR - When the rain begins.mp3
16.EMINEM feat DIDO - Stan.mp3
17.C-BLOCK - So strungout.mp3
18.DOWN LOW - Murder.mp3
19.NANA - Dreams.mp3
20.ATO feat DACIA - Call me.mp3
21.XZIBIT - Paparazzi.mp3
22.HIGHLAND - Bella stella.mp3
23.LL COLL J. - Aint robody.mp3
24.COOLIO - Cu when uget there.mp3
25.CREAM FACTORY - Africa hey joe.mp3
26.JAMAL - On my own.mp3
27.NINA feat PAPA BEAR - Hes coming.mp3
28.SWEETBOX - Dont go away.mp3
29.KILLER - Bring it on.mp3
30.G.S. INCORPORATED - Stairway to heaven.mp3
31.DOWN LOW - Once upon a time.mp3
32.COOL CUT - Please let me know.mp3
33.GRAIG DAVID - Rise and fall.mp3
34.LAMAR - Too many nights.mp3
35.PROPHET-G - Killer.mp3
36.WARREN G feat SISSEL - Prince Igor.mp3
37.NOSTRADAME - Nostradame.mp3
38.HOODYS feat SWEETBOX - Black again.mp3
39.S.CONNOR feat TG - Lets get back.mp3
40.ONE T feat COOL - The magic key.mp3
41.ALICIA KEYS - Fallin.mp3
42.COMA feat LTC - Requem.mp3
43.MASTER P - Chetto ballin.mp3
44.RAPUBLIC - Serenade.mp3
45.SPOOKS - Things ive seen.mp3
46.LACROSS - Save me.mp3
47.DOWN LOW - Monlight.mp3
48.TREV D. - Mirror mirror.mp3
49.WORLD IN MOTION - Because i love you.mp3
50.PAPA BEAR - Cherish.mp3
51.BLACK ATTACK - Bang-bang.mp3
52.C-BLOCK - Summertime.mp3
53.NANA - Lat it rain.mp3
54.POETRYN MOTION - Romeo & Juliet.mp3
55.TYMEBOMB - One by own.mp3
56.PUFF DADDY - Ill missing you.mp3
57.CLUB UNIQUE - Just the way it is.mp3
58.NELLYVILLE feat KELLY - Dilemma.mp3
59.DOWN LOW - About you.mp3
60.PAPPERS AGAINST - La mazz.mp3
61.SWEETBOX - Interlude.mp3
62.N.V. CITY BEATS - Mami blue.mp3
63.ALMITERS feat SIR SHAN - The story of my life.m
64.DADDY ROAST - Lacrimosa.mp3
65.NANA - Remember to time.mp3
66.CHRISTOFER TAYLOR - Another minute.mp3
67.LL COLL J. - Around the way girl.mp3
68.REAL 7 - Inside of ag.mp3
69.BUSTA RHYMES - I know what you want.mp3
70.MS DYNAMITE - Brother.mp3
71.C-BLOCK - Time is tickin away.mp3
72.PINK - There you go.mp3
73.R.KELLY feat JAY-Z - Honey.mp3
74.DOWN LOW - La serenissima.mp3
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