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EarthDesk 4.6- -Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 4.6
Разработчик: Xeric Design, Ltd
Платформа: PC
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Системные требования: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: Программа EarthDesk заменяет обои рабочего стола в операционных системах Mac OS и Windows на динамически изменяющийся вид нашей планеты, как будто, вы смотрите на нее из космоса. При подсоединении к Интернету EarthDesk получает данные о текущем состоянии освещенности Земли, расположении облаков, циклонов, тайфунов и т.д. При желании вы сможете выставить уровень прозрачности слоя облаков, а также настроить отображении других элементов карты. Карта может быть настроена на определенную точку поверхности или на определенное расположение луны и солнца. Карта облаков обновляется с интервалов в 3 часа, поддерживается работа с мультимониторными конфигурациями и т.д.


EarthDesk replaces your Macintosh desktop picture or Windows wallpaper with a stunning dynamic image of our planet continuously updating in the background while you work.
* Real-time clouds (updated at 3-hour intervals) with transparency and moonlight reflection.
* Accurate sun, moon and city lighting.
* High quality twilight shading.
* Automatically updates when waking from sleep.
* Moonlight shading can be turned on or off.
* Complete multi-display support.
* Eleven different map projections.
* Includes both satellite and political maps.
Multiple projections. Multiple monitors.
EarthDesk's wide variety of map projections gives you complete control over the maps on your desktop.
EarthDesk can be installed on systems with multiple monitors. Each Macintosh desktop is independently configurable so that different maps can be shown on different screens... or you may choose to only display map images on certain monitors. For Windows, the image can span across multiple screens.
EarthDesk runs in the background on your Mac or PC, keeping your desktop up-to-date.
Track hurricanes and typhoons.
With an internet connection, EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply admire our beautiful planet. User options allow you to adjust the overall transparency of the cloud layer.
Unique to EarthDesk is accurate rendering of moonlight on the Living Earth satellite map. To create this stunning effect, the phase of the moon and reflectiveness of the Earth's surface are used to determine correct coloring of the image, ensuring a realistic view of the Earth from space.
Like a Swiss watch.
EarthDesk uses the same Atlas database technology as Time Palette, providing the application with detailed geographical and time zone information for 10,000 cities throughout the world.
The Atlas maintains comprehensive rules for Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time), giving EarthDesk a level of accuracy unmatched by other applications.
EarthDesk gives you numerous options for configuring map images on your desktop.
Maps can be centered on a city, so that the map remains stationary while the sun and moon move. Alternatively, the map center may be locked to the position of the sun or moon so that the shadow remains fixed, while the map moves.


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