(Viking / Folk Metal) Ensiferum - Discography (1997-2007), MP3, 320, 192 kbps, VBR 224-320 kbps

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Ensiferum - Discography (1997-2007)
Страна: Finland
Жанр: Viking / Folk Metal
Год выпуска: 1997-2007
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320, 192* kbps, VBR 224-320 kbps**
Продолжительность: 04:54:34

01-First Demo (1997)*

02-Old Man (Vainamoinen)

02-Second Demo (1999)*

01-The Dreamer's Prelude
02-Little Dreamer
03-Warrior's Quest
04-White Storm

03-Hero In A Dream (Demo) (1999)**

02-Hero In A Dream
03-Eternal Wait
04-Battle Song
05-Guardians Of Fate

04-Ensiferum (2001)

02-Hero In A Dream
03-Token Of Time
04-Guardians Of Fate
05-Old Man
06-Little Dreamer
09-Treacherous Gods
10-Eternal Wait
11-Battle Song
12-Goblins' Dance (Bonus)

05-Iron (2004)

01-Ferrum Aeternum
03-Sword Chant
04-Mourning Heart - Interlude
05-Tale Of Revenge
06-Lost In Despair
07-Slayer Of Light
08-Into Battle

06-Tale of Revenge (2004)**

01-Tale Of Revenge
02-Battery [Metallica Cover]

07-1997-1999 (Demo re-release) (2005)**

02-Old Man (Vaeinaemoeinen)
04-Dreamer's Prelude
05-Little Dreamer (Vдinдmцinen Part II)
06-Warrior's Quest
07-White Storm
09-Hero In A Dream
10-Eternal Wait
11-Battle Song
12-Guardians Of Fate

08-Dragonheads (EP) (2006)

02-Warrior's Quest
03-Kalevala Melody
04-White Storm
05-Into Hiding
06-Finnish Medley

09-One More Magic Potion CDS (2007)

01-One More Magic Potion
02-Lady In Black [Uriah Heep Cover]

10-Victory Songs (2007)

01-Ad Victoriam
02-Blood Is The Price Of Glory
03-Deathbringer From The Sky
05-One More Magic Potion
07-Raised By The Sword
08-The New Dawn
09-Victory Song
Доп. информация:
Current line-up
Petri 'Pete' Lindroos - Harsh Vocals & Guitar (2004-) (Norther)
Markus Toivonen - Guitar, Clean & Backing Vocals (1995-) (Soulstream, Speden Timantit)
Sami Hinkka - Bass, Clean & Backing Vocals (2004-) (Rapture)
Janne Parviainen - Drums (2005-) (Barathrum, Sinergy, Waltari, Zwanziger, Valvet)
Emmi Silvennoinen - Live Keyboards (2007-) (Exsecratus)
Former/past member(s)
Sauli Savolainen - Bass (1995-1998)
Kimmo Miettinen - Drums (1995-1998) (Arthemesia, Cadacross, Empyrean Bane)
Jari Mдenpдд - Vocals & Guitar (1996-2004) (Arthemesia, Wintersun, Immemorial (Fin))
Jukka-Pekka Miettinen - Bass (1998-2004) (Arthemesia, Cadacross, Empyrean Bane, Mandragora (Fin))
Oliver Fokin - Drums & Percussion (1998-2005) (Arthemesia, Wintersun, Immemorial (Fin))
Meiju Enho - Keyboards (2001-2007)
Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali - Session Keyboard (Ahti, Barathrum, Crypt (Fin), Finntroll, Glittertind, Lakupaavi, Larharyhmд, Luokkasota, Moonsorrow, Terrorthrone, The Wicked, Thunderdogs, Woods of Belial)
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Thank you for sharing to us

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