(Black Metal) Ancient - Discography (1993-2005), MP3, 128, 192, 320 kbps

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Ancient - Discography (1993-2005)

Страна: Norway (Eidsvaagneset/Bergen)
Жанр: Black Metal
Год выпуска: 1993-2005
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 128, 192, 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 08:58:55

1993-Eerily Howling Winds (Demo) (128)

01-Eerily Howling Winds
02-The Call Of The Absu Deep
03-Det Glemte Riket

1994-Det Glemte Riket (EP) (192)

01-Det Glemte Riket

1994-Svartalvheim (320)

02-Trumphs Of An Archangel
04-The Call Of The Absu Deep
05-Det Glemte Riket
06-Paa Evig Vandring
07-Ved Trolltjern
08-Eerily Howling Winds
09-Likferd I
10-Likferd II

1995-Trolltaar (EP) (192)

02-Nattens Skjonnhet
03-Fjellets Hemmelighet

1996-The Cainian Chronicle (320)

01-Ponderous Moonlighting
02-Part I - The Curse
03-Part II - Lilith's Embrace
04-Part III & IV - Disciplines Of Caine / Zillah And The Crone
05-Al The Infernal Portal (Canto III)
06-Cry Of Mariamne
07-Prophecy Of Gehenna
08-Song Of Kaiaphas
10-The Pagan Cycle
11-Homage To Pan

1997-Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends (320)

01-Malkavian Twilight
02-A Mad Blood Scenario
03-The Draining
04-Um Sonho Psycodelico
05-Sleeping Princess Of The Arges
06-Her Northern Majesty
08-The Emerald Tablet
12-Hecate, My Love And Lust
13-Vampirize Natasha
14-Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate Cover)

1999-Det Glemte Riket (320)

02-Nattens Skjonnhet
03-Eerily Howling Winds
04-Det Glemte Riket
05-Huldra Dans
06-Paa Evig Vandring
07-Fjellets Hemmelighet
09-Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Cover)

1999-The Halls Of Eternity (320)

01-Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps
02-Born In Flames
03-The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors
04-A Woeful Summoning
05-Cosmic Exile
06-Spiritual Supremacy
07-The Heritage
08-I, Madman
09-From Behind Comes The Sword
10-The Halls Of Eternity

2001-God Loves The Dead (EP) (320)

01-God Loves The Dead
02-Trolltaar - 2000
03-Powerslave (Iron Maiden Cover)
04-The Draining (Remix)
05-Um Sonho Psycodelico (Remix)

2001-Proxima Centauri (320)

01-A Lurking Threat
02-Proxima Centauri
03-The Ancient Horadrim
04-In The Abyss Of The Cursed Souls
05-The Witch
07-Satan's Children
08-Beyond The Realms Of Insanity
09-Audrina, My Sweet
10-On Blackest Wings
11-Eyes Of The Dead
12-Incarnating The Malignant Deity

2004-Night Visit (320)

01-Envision The Beast
02-Rape The Children Of Abel
04-Night Visit
06-Night Of The Stygian Souls
07-Fuel The Flames
08-The Truth Unveiled
09-The Arctic Mirage (Bonus track)
10-Out In The Haunted Woods (Bonus track)

2005-Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes (320)

02-Nattens Skjonnhet
03-Eerily Howling Winds
04-The Call Of The Absu Deep
05-Det Glemte Riket
06-Trumps Of An Archangel
07-Paa Evig Vandring
09-Det Glemte Riket

Доп. информация:

Current line-up
Aphazel - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (Dreamlike Horror, Dirge, Putrefaction (Nor), Infliction (Ita), Moonshine, Zion (Grc))
Jesus Christ! - Guitars, Keyboards (Horroble, Fullmoon Sideshow, Wicked Little Dolls)
Dhilorz (Danilo Di Lorenzo aka Hilo) - Bass (Unreal (Ita), Alice in Darkland, Amphitrium, Infliction (Ita), Ad Hominem)
Morfeus - Guitar (Limbonic Art, Dimension F3H, Mayhem (Nor) (Live))
Aleister - Guitars (session - live) (Faust (Ita), Vidharr, Abgott, Bastard Saints)
Gianka - Drums (session - live) (Amphitrium, Legion (Ita)/Enough to Kill)
Former/past member(s)
Erichte (1997-1998) (Spiritus Tenebrae)
Deadly Kristin (1998-2003) (Dreamlike Horror, Byaxis, Frozen Soul)
Thidra (2000-2001) (session) (Iblis (Ita), Faust (Ita))
Scorpios (1998-1999) (session) (Akrabu, Crimson Moon, Sabnack, Demoncy, Drowning the Light, Dethroned (Ger))
Kimberly Goss (1995-1997) - also Vocals (Avernus, Sinergy, Therion (Swe), Dimmu Borgir, Warmen)
Lazarus - (1998) (session)
Grimm (1993-1995) - also Vocals (Dirge)
Lord Kaiaphas (1995-1998) - also Vocals (Grand Belial's Key, Thokk, Kaiaphas, Minimal Criminal, Thokkian Vortex, Crucifier (US))
Kjetil (1995-1997)
Baard (1997) (session)
Profana (1998) (session) (Apocryph (US), Cernunnos (US), Blood Stained Dusk, Octagon (US))
Krigse (1998-2000)
GroM (2000-2006) - also Vocals (Doomsword, Psychofagist, The K, Hate Profile, Opposite Sides, Hortus Animae, Andark, Alice in Darkland)
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