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Salt [Steam]
Год выпуска: 2014
Жанр: Survival
Разработчик: Lavaboots LLC
Издательство: Steam
Платформа: PC
Версия: Update 1.6
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучки: английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Источник: Funn2011
Системные требования:
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB video card with shader model 2.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 3.0Ghz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1024MB video card with shader model 3.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
Salt - Это открытый мир приключений. Исследуйте острова,сражайтесь с пиратами,охотитесь на животных,создавайте предметы,плоты,исследуйте таинственные места.

Порядок установки

1) Скачать
2) Установить
3) Играть



Update 1.6.1 - Starry Night
This update introduces stars, new boat models, and number of fixes/changes.
Keep a weather eye to the sky at night. You may see something out there spotting the other big ol’ blue. Stars have been added to the world of Salt. They are most brilliant during a new moon, when the moon is on the sun-side of the world at night.
New Boat Models
Hoist your sails, jump into the waves, and watch as your old ship model sails into the sunset. Unless you have already updated, of course. If so, you have missed your chance for a tear-filled poetic goodbye to the ship models of the Old Pirate Ship, The Maiden, and The Pardon Pusher. They have now been replace by new, arguably, better looking models.
If you placed any objects on these boats previously, it is likely that the objects are floating in the air or hidden below deck. To retrieve all of the items placed on your boat (including items in chests, mounting plates, etc.) inspect the boat item in your inventory and choose the option to remove the upgrades.
In addition to changing the models of some of the previous boats, we have also added some new color-variant versions of the new boat models, and ways to obtain them.

Updated Tree Models

Most of the old tree models in the game have been replaced. These new tree models attempt to look very similar to the old models, except with improved wind and level of detail visuals. This means that trees will look better from a distance, and less abruptly switch to high-quality models when you get close.

High Resolution Item Icons

In the earliest version of the inventory UI, item icons were very small. When we upgraded the UI to its current version, we increased the visual size of the inventory slots. This meant that the old item icons were stretched to fit the new slot size, making them appear pixelated. For this update, we went back through each item icon and increased their resolution to a more appropriate size.


- Updated boat models.
- Added color variation versions of the new boat models, and ways to obtain them.
- Added stars.
- Added new sailing music.
- Updated icon resolutions.
- Updated models of many of the old trees, improving level of detail, and wind visuals.
- Pressing the forward or backward buttons while interacting with a boat wheel will now quickly return it to center.
- Added new lore books.
- Added option to force gamepad hotbar to always be active, allowing for better Steam Controller gameplay.
- Changed beacon glow effect to fix them being too bright on some computers.
- Tree wind effects are now dynamic.
- Made ocean waves scale with wind power.
- Tweaked wind properties so that wind speed changes more slowly over time.
- Increased your ability to climb slopes while on a boat. This will help stair climbing while the boat is sloshing around.
- Added some dynamic wind sounds.
- Added new boss music.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to interact with boats while on them.
- Tigers are now less likely to spawn inside trees.
- Enemies should now better avoid getting stuck on the altar of ritual sites.
- Updated Unity version. This should fix the game sometimes being off-center when playing in non-native resolutions.
Update 1.5
New Interface
The old black sidebar interface is gone and a completely new one is now in its place. It has a redesigned appearance as well as some changes to functionality. Some of its most notable changes are as follows:
- Equipped items now have their own window and can be viewed at the same time as the normal inventory. This new window also shows some player stat values.
- The entire inventory is navigable using a controller.
- There is a new hotkey bar which will allow you to quickly see what items are bound to hotkeys. This can be set to “Always Show” in the main menu options.
- Inventory tabs now work as filters rather than distinct groups.
- When crafting, you are now able to see all of the potential crafting results for a given set of components rather than having to cycle through them as before.
- Items can be inspected by left clicking them. This will open up a window with the full description as well as an option to destroy the item.
- Merchant sellables/buyback tabs have been combined into one.
- Added in-world health bars for damaged units.
- Added in-world damage numbers.
- Health, hunger, and stamina bars are now grouped together.
- Books can now support images. This is currently only used for the controls help book.
Controller Support
You are now able to play the game fully with a controller. This means everything from using items in your inventory to driving boats is now supported. This has currently only been tested on PC with an XBox 360 controller, but XBox One controllers should work as well as they have the same button mapping.
To bind an item to a controller hotkey, select the item and press one or both of the bumpers and then A/B/X/Y or any of the DPad directions. You will then be able to hit the same button combination to activate the hotkey while playing.
Upgraded Engine to Unity 5
We upgraded the version of the engine that Salt runs on from Unity 4 to Unity 5. This upgrade lays the foundation for performance and graphical improvements in the future. It also provides some fixes for graphical issues that some systems were experiencing.
Under-The-Hood Change To Item Saving
When you update to version 1.5 and load a game that was created in a previous version of Salt, you will be prompted to upgrade the save file. Once the save file is upgraded, it will no longer work with previous versions of the game. The way that items in your inventory save has been changed underneath in order to more easily facilitate more complicated item state saving in the future.
Other Changes
- There is now a normal mode check box as well as a hardcore mode checkbox when starting a new game to make it a little less confusing.
- The name field when starting a new game will now have a random name in it by default.
- Fixed quest text for treasure hunters. Many unintentionally had the same text.
- Tab on the keyboard now works as a “back” button as well as opening the inventory.
- Escape on the keyboard now works as a "back" button as well as opening the pause menu.
- Split the help book into two books. One for general game information and another for controls. Both books can be accessed from the pause menu.
- Added x and y sensitivity options.
- Fixed some misspellings.
What Got Pushed Back
Due to time constraints, we had to push back some items that were originally candidates for this update. Updated humanoid models, recipe learning, and mouse-over tooltips will come later.
Hotfix 1.4.1
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the game to act strangely after you died.
- Made some mostly cosmetic tweaks related to some of the new content introduced in patch 1.5.
- Re-worded one of the readable items involved in the new quest line to make it a little less confusing.
- Re-added the text telling you to open your help book when you start a new game.
- Cultists can no longer spawn during cleansing events.
Update 1.4
Added a portion of the main quest line.
Revised resource placement. Many resources now spawn in more appropriate locations. For example, logs are more often found near trees, and flowers are more often found in fields.
Added inns.
Added new items.
Added new NPCs.
Added many new lore books.
Flattened terrain around some structures.
Added two new performance options to adjust the rate at which islands generate.
Fixed some typos.
Decreased rarity of pirate cartographers.
Reduced the size and appearance of floaties slightly.
Changed the appearance of hardwood logs.
Improved boat steering.
Various bug fixes.
This is a small patch to fix some bugs.
Fixed a bug that would cause you to lose a boat upgrade item if you had the placement preview in a valid position, looked away where there was nothing, then tried to place it.
Fixed a bug that would cause you load in a different location than the one you saved at when you saved in a place with no islands nearby.
Boat added messages no longer pop up when you load the game far away from islands.
Made some changes to the way the sun/moon/sky are rendered to fix some visual bugs some poeple were experiencing.
Fixed some item descriptions.

Где храняться сохранения

Нажимаем кнопку "Пуск" в поиске вводим regedit,запускаем,ищем "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lavaboots\Salt" Можно экспортировать на рабочий стол
Раздача обновлена до версии Update 1.6.1
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